Contribution to TNFD

In support of 'greener' financial services, HES is contributing to the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures.

Following establishment of the Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) in 2020, the TNFD Forum has grown to over 600 members, representing nearly $20 Trillion of assets under management (AUM).

During many forum events and TNFD member discussions, there has been strong interest in the role of information technologies and methodologies to support nature-related decision-making.

One part of the TNFD response included the publication of a paper titled A Landscape Assessment of Nature-related Data and Analytics Availability, as well as the establishment of a 'Data Catalyst' in an effort to give an opportunity for members to better understand and navigate this complex issue.

Contributing Perspectives

As an established provider of technical support for communities and environmental projects that are pioneering the adoption of robust digital infrastructure to support green financial products, carbon markets, and ESG-linked transactions, the Open.Landscape.Network community is directly engaged on this issue.

While excited to see awareness on the need for innovation, there is a need for transparent, reproducible decision support to manage / navigate such innovations. At the same time, a need to accelerate is clear. The goal of participation is to represent the community in the Data Catalyst and related TNFD events in order to ensure coherence with best practices.

Participating organizations and other stakeholders interested to learn about the contributions of an open infrastructure layer for environmental projects are encouraged to reach-out.