Capital Mobilization

Many environmental projects are currently in a stage of being established and scaling-up. To close the 'biodiversity finance gap,' there is a need for blended finance from public and private sources.

Due to novelty of the sector, many projects have low up-front capacity to satisfy due diligence, validate business models, or ensure collection of baseline data that may be valuable at a later date.

While a growing number of financial institutions must engage in nature-related risk assessment and project finance, they have limited capacity for technical analysis and due diligence.

A result of this disconnect is that transaction volumes remain limited. As HES is already in the role of trusted solution provider, aiding clients to navigate 'alternative methods' is a natural step.

Enables fundraising and transactions

This division is mandated to support the design and operation of financial structures for environmental projects and participating stakeholders.



For projects and their partners, we offer services to fundraise, complete verifications and compliance checks, and generate / distribute reports for transparency to communities and regulators.

Key functionality includes search and filtering to organize portfolios by 'theme' and activity, to help applications, processing and reporting.


For investors, donors and funders, we are developing a 'rolling list' of pre- qualified, bankable opportunities to engage under a higher level of assurance that is compliant with shifting ESG, securities and privacy considerations.

The system helps discover prospects, conduct due diligence, transactions and reporting, issuance / validation of certifications for integrity, and more.