Capital Mobilization

There is urgent need for blended finance from philanthropic, public and private sources to support the development of environmental projects.

However, many projects are in an early stage, and lack capacity to meet diligence requirements, validate business models, or collect baseline data for later impact claims.

As more institutions seek to address nature-related risks and opportunities in their activities, capacity is lacking for analysis and diligence. This limits transactions and funding.

Acting as trusted solution provider, HES is positioned to help stakeholders navigate transaction challenges, and support "alternative methods" in project finance.

Aligning transactions and reporting

This division supports funding activities for environmental projects and participating financial stakeholders.



For projects and their partners, we support fundraising, verifications and compliance checks, reporting for communities and regulators.

This includes project discovery and monitoring to manage portfolios by 'theme' and activity, to help applications, processing and reporting.


For investors, donors and funders, we are developing a 'rolling list' of pre- qualified, bankable opportunities to engage under a higher level of assurance that is compliant with shifting ESG, securities and privacy considerations.

The system helps discover prospects, conduct due diligence, transactions and reporting, issuance / validation of certifications for integrity, and more.