Consulting services

Environmental ambitions of business and government, as well as impact claims, are reaching ever-greater scales. Unfortunately, a lack of capacity for technical diligence may allow optimal solutions to be overlooked.

There is a clear need to ensure rigorous project planning, implementation and monitoring. At the same time, there remains a lack of quality employment for early-career and established environmental professionals.

To guarantee long-term support for the Open Landscape Network and connected systems, a dedicated consulting services provider has been established in collaboration with partner organizations and independent contributors.

The operating mandate of Humboldt Environmental Consulting is to ensure reliable technical support and capacity to scale-up environmental projects and relaated services for connected stakeholders.

Evidence-based support

This division has a mandate to ensure technical support for environmental projects and their partners. As this domain has many social justice considerations, we are committed to participatory engagement, reciprocity, and transparency.



We organize networks and knowledge for comprehension and engagement. Includes scientific integrity reviews, reviewing claims for management and compliance.

In domains requiring specific knowledge, we engage respected experts and community leaders. Due to connections with the Open Landscape Network core team, we help add features or validate additions to OLN systems.


We offer end-to-end services for customization, deployment and maintenance of software integrations connected to the OLN, as well as monitoring services for related stakeholders.

Functionality of relevance includes organizing, tracking funds, automated reporting and validating progress. Integration of monitoring services including remote and proximal data sources.